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Are you planning a family celebration, a great invitation, a club event, a cultural event or a business meeting?


The 70 m² room offers space and ambience for celebrating and / or working and enjoying for up to 65 people. The stage with its additional 13.2 m² can be used as a children's corner, for a work group or for performances of any kind.


The vaulted cellar (11.6 m²) with a fireplace is ideal for meetings in a very quiet setting. The hotel lounge (27.2 m²), which can also be used for more informal meetings, offers more publicity and a view of the countryside. Infrastructure: Free WiFi throughout the house. Beamer, fax and photocopier can be used for a small fee.


Reserve the premises early! We would be happy to provide you with suggestions for your meal, banquet or business banquet.

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