The Valendas mermaid has done it. Many good spirits have followed their hint at Europe's largest wooden fountain and have brought the "Gasthaus am Brunnen" to new life with their combined strength. We look forward to serving you with us, together with other guests from Valendas, the region and from all over the world.

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Please note that your reservation via our website is NOT yet binding. At first you will only receive a confirmation of receipt by email and SMS and if we still have free tables, we will be happy to contact you personally.

Company holidays

We will have company holidays from Monday 26.10.2020 to Thursday 19.11.2020 and we are looking forward to welcome you again from Friday 20.11.2020.

Brunnen Impuls 

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Gasthaus am Brunnen

Am Platz 11 - 7122 Valendas

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